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Our Process

There are many aspects to consider when searching for sound financial advice. With literally thousands of financial instruments to choose from, many Canadians find it difficult to select a strategy that provides maximum benefit. Having a trusted advisor is key to putting the right pieces together.

Our approach puts together wealth generating components with risk management features.

It is our job to stay current with the financial market. Product changes occur all the time with individual and corporate products. Government legislation is constantly having an effect on tax rules and how companies are allowed to offer their solutions. We intend to make sense of these programs and provide our clients with solid advice.


To benefit all Canadians.


To be the most trusted and professional advisors in Canada. We will earn our clients' respect by maintaining a high standard and level of service, providing smart solutions.


My family has worked and lived in Canada for five generations. The relationships we've formed both professionally and personally are meaningful. We wish to ensure all our clients are treated the way we'd expect our own family be treated.

The health & wealth management business is in my blood. My father is a respected advisor with over 30 years experience helping clients in every part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). My uncle has helped establish a significant benefits business with operations in Ontario and across Canada. Even my brother has built a substantial business as an advisor.

I've been fortunate to grow up in a great family and country. Nothing pleases me more than helping people in the country I love. Whether you're looking for a trusted advisor or searching for a new strategy, you're always welcome at my office.


Peter McKitterick


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"I like to stay current with what's happening in the financial world and the lives of my clients. I find "working" relationships work best with open communication..." - Peter McKitterick

"I appreciate the variety and depth of the topics Peter covers. Things I had no idea about suddenly affected the way I think about my situation." - Greg Fitzgerald