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Many Canadians enjoy the luxuries of living in a free country. Fortunate are the collective to have universal health care and social security. It is a shared belief that no one person should be burdened, at least monetarily, if disaster strikes. And though this is the belief, unfortunately the government cannot take care of everything.

Many people consider their biggest asset their home, a cottage, jewelry/art or their vehicle. It goes without question, protecting these assets is important! What though of the ability to earn an income? Having the freedom to enjoy living happy and healthy is easy to take for granted.


For most of us, the ability to earn an income represents our biggest financial asset. Thus the importance of disability insurance.

A disability insurance contract provides a safety-net in the event of a disability and the loss of the ability to earn. Specifically, it will deposit a tax-free benefit to your bank account when you're unable to.


Every month over 12,000 Canadians are diagnosed with a serious illness (ie. heart attack, stroke or cancer). This, combined with the fact that today's national health care system is heavily burdened is why we strongly recommend critical illness protection.

In the event of a serious illness a tax-free benefit of up to $2,000,000 is transferred directly in to your bank account. There are no stipulations on how the money is spent. This allows you and your family the peace of mind to deal with an illness without the added stress of financial uncertainty.






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  WATCH: Brenda's Story

   Brenda purchases a Critical Illness policy as part of her "complete" financial plan.

   After a couple years she forgot about it but was glad to have the peace of mind when it came time to claim.

  WATCH: Dr. Marius Barnard Changed How We Look At Insurance

   Dr. Barnard watched as a young nurse's health deteriorated after she returns to work while battling cancer.

   Recognizing the shortcomings of life insurance he works with financial institutions to create a new product.